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I am certified in one state but Iím moving to another. Will I still be certified when I move?

If you are already a certified teacher you need to look into the reciprocity arrangement your state has with other states. Interstate reciprocity agreements permit teachers to transfer a certification earned in one state to another state. For example, a teacher who completed an approved teacher preparation program in Alabama generally will be able to earn a certificate in Georgia. Receiving states may impose certain special requirements on teachers from out-of-state which must be met in a reasonable period of time. Forty-four states, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Washington D.C. all participate in this program.

You can check out reciprocity agreements at the Teacher Education and Certification website. Currently, five states do NOT participate in reciprocity agreements—Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

How can retired teachers stay involved in the teaching profession?

There are a number of ways to stay involved with teaching even after you have retired. Your state may have a Retired Teachers Association, which may offer any number of outlets for your teacher creativity. There are also divisions of the NEA and the AFT that offer retired teachers mentor roles.

A vibrant virtual community of educators exists online. They offer message boards and e-mail networks for mentorship programs. These two websites can help you get started: and

Where can I find a teaching job?

Here are some useful websites for conducting your job search. You may need to register with some of the sites to review their postings.

Education World: Education Employment Center
Teacher Job Fairs in the U.S.A.
Private School Employment Network
Jobs in Schools

Additionally, there is always the option of teaching in private schools. Private and independent schools are not bound to state certification requirements so they may be a more flexible option to consider. You can find out more about independent schools at the National Association for Independent School’s website, The Council for American Private Education also has a great website with a full listing of private and parochial school jobs here.

Three final resources worth mentioning are the websites for HigherEd Jobs, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and the TeachersCount web bank of teaching positions. has a comprehensive job database focused exclusively on college and university positions. You may want to browse their listings or register with them to look for positions in your areas of interest. There are also some good tools for job seekers at The Chronicle of Higher Education’s website, Finally, a Best of the Web edition called Employment Resources and a page in our section for prospective teachers called The Search for a Teaching Job.

How can international teachers gain their certification in the United States?

The most comprehensive information on teaching and studying in the United States is available at the Department of Education's Network for Education Information. Some states do have international reciprocity arrangements for teachers from other countries. These arrangements focus on professional background and teaching credentials.

We can also point you in the direction of a few general resources for international teachers interested in coming to the States. Most exchange programs expect you to have some prior teaching experience or preparation. We recommend looking at International Teachers Recruitment and Visiting International Faculty. These programs are varied in the kinds of placement they offer teachers.

General note: It is important to decide whether to pursue teaching at the secondary level or not. Employment at the college and university level involves an entirely different system. In the case of higher education, professional experience and educational background are more important than any kind of credential.

I was educated in a different country. Will my education count towards an American teaching degree?

If you are from another country, you can have your college transcript evaluated to determine United States equivalency. With the equivalent of a bachelor's degree and completion of a teacher preparation program, you should qualify for a Residency Certificate.

Transcript Evaluation Services can be found at the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions officers ( and at World Education Services (

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