Ken Chenault

“A good education is about more than academics – it’s also about learning values and principles,”says Ken Chenault, Chairman and CEO of American Express Company.
“My teacher, Lee Lecraw, set high standards. She taught her students about being responsible. She taught us the importance of integrity. Though thoroughly demanding, she also had a special gift for making learning fun.
“Lee was my teacher for several years when I was growing up, and I am blessed to call her a mentor and friend to this day.”

Behind Every Famous Person is a Fabulous Teacher.

Best of the Web: Environmental Education

Periodically we compile a list of the best of what the Internet has to offer to teachers—be that in the classroom or just in daily life. The current edition, “Environmental Education,” highlights websites that will help you teach students about this increasingly important topic.

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Environmental Education
This website includes lectures, outlines, worksheets, and powerpoints created by an Environmental Science professor.
Bureau of Land Management (BLM) – Teachers
The Bureau of Land Management offers standards-based lesson plans, classroom activities, articles, and information on local programs.
Earth Force
The mission of Earth Force is to engage young people as active citizens who take care of the environment both now and in the future. The “Tools for Teachers” section includes downloadable posters.
EE Link – Resources for Teachers
Run by the North American Society for Environmental Education, EE Link provides a wealth of environmental education resources, including a special section for teachers.
EEK! Teacher Pages
EEK! (Environmental Education for Kids) is an online magazine for children in grades 4-8. The Wisconsin Department of National Resources presents this site, which also offers educational materials for teachers.
EPA Climate Change Kids Site
This website, presented by the Environmental Protection Agency, offers activities, animations, and information intended to help children understand climate change. Don’t miss the “Stuff for Teachers” section.
EPA Teaching Center
The EPA Teaching Center will point you in the right direction for teaching resources; information on grants, awards, workshops, and conferences; and ideas on how to get students involved.
The Geological Society of America: Education and Teacher Resources
GSA provides lesson plans and other resources categorized by age group and topic. The site offers educational materials pertaining to all branches of earth science, including environmental education.
Go Green Initiative
Schools can register to be a part of this comprehensive program designed to create a culture of environmental responsibility on school campuses across the nation. Registration is free, and the site provides advice on how schools can use community partnerships and fundraising events to support the initiative.
Greenheart Education
A great resource for teachers who want to educate their students about the green movement. Greenheart Education has all the information you will need to green your classroom, your curriculum, your students' learning, your school community, and your life's work as a teacher.
National Wildlife Federation: Schoolyard Habitats
The National Wildlife Federation provides Ranger Rick Educator’s Guides and detailed instructions on how to build a “Schoolyard Habitat.”
SEEK (Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge) is a program of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency that offers a directory of environmental education resources helpful to those both inside and outside the state.
United Nations Environment Programme: Maps and Graphics
Launched in early 2006, this new website features maps and graphics with themes like water, waste, pollution, and climate change.
United Nations Environment Programme: Publications
This UN web page provides downloadable documents, including an educators’ newsletter and a children’s workbook called, “A Trip with Drip the Water Drop.”